Top 5 Best Android Emulator 2019 For Windows & Mac

Android emulator is used to running android apps/games etc.on your pc also these android emulators are used for developing and testing Android applications. There are many best android emulators 2019 for windows and mac are available on the internet to run android on your pc. Many of these android emulators slow down your pc and sometimes hangs up your pc. Also, check Top 10 Best Camera App For Android 2019

Advantages of using Android Emulators

  • Bigger display of PC.
  • Easy to controls for application & games.
  • Better graphics without any lag.
  • No need to worry about battery 😛

Best Android Emulator 2019

Best Android Emulator


BlueStacks is the most widely used best android emulator or Android App Player for Windows. It’s not easy to be the No.1 in the Android emulator is due to its following features:-

  • Easy to install & use.
  • Don’t require a virtual box.
  • Fast & does not hang your pc.
  • Easy install 3rd party apk.

Download Bluestacks Android emulator

2. Youwave

Proving to be almost as successful and popular as Bluestacks, Youwave. This little bag of tricks is another free option but will only run on Windows 7,8,8.1. The application itself is easy to install and once on your desktop, the screen will split into two halves. Your installed applications sit on the left-hand side of your screen and you actual smartphone desktop populates the right side. Simply grab the application that you want and drag it over as you desire. Very easy to use and this is why people seem to like this so very much.

Best Android Emulator


  • Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit
  • SD card functionality – enables game saving
  • Enables multi-player online games
  • Dynamic rotating – phone-like instant response
  • Volume control buttons
  • Retractable control pane

Download youwave emulator

3. GenyMotion

Another emulator for PC is GenyMotion, which was previously known as Android VM. It has been revamped to support rich user interface instead of just hardcore development so beginners can now feel comfortable with the awesome emulator.

Best Android Emulator

Best Android Emulator 2019

Download Genymotion

4. AndyRoid

AndyRoid is one of its own kind Android Emulator for Mac, Windows 7/8/8.1/10. It supports some unique features which aren’t supported by any other Android emulators out there such as – Using your phone as a remote control while playing games! , ARM support, You can directly install apps in your andy emulator through your host’s desktop browser!

Download Andyroid

5. Droid4X

Droid4X is the newest amongst all of the android emulators mentioned, but perhaps its the most interesting. Droid4X is designed for real Power! in the hands of the user, and its features to point to the same. Droid4X has some salient features such as It comes Pre-rooted, with Play Store installed which makes it one of the best android emulator. Its pretty fast doesn’t lag & even allows you to configure your keyboard as a controller! for the emulator.

Download Droid4x

So, above are the best android emulator 2019 for windows and mac. I hope from this post you will be able to choose the best android emulator for your pc. If you facing any error in installing on pc then just comment them below!! Don’t forget o share this article with your friends!

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