Top 5 Best Battery Saver App For Android 2019

While selecting any mobile phone battery is the second most important factor. As today’s generation mostly relay on the mobile device for various daily tasks so, having good battery backup device is always acts as icing on the cake. There are many apps which claim to save battery life of your Android device are available on google play store. So, here we are sharing the collection of  Best Battery Saver App For Android 2019 edition which will help you to overcome the low battery problem which is usually faced by many Android users. These best battery saver app for android are handpicked and tested by our team. These apps help to get 100{28499e4baadbad975d161d0c5e8c197ed9f2013605893d06253bb7ba891d38d2} juice of the phone’s battery. Most of the Android user’s problem is fast battery draining and other issues related to battery life. There are many things which eat the battery more like: playing games ( heavy games consumes more battery as they have to utilize GPU to show graphics), running multiple apps and the other thing is using mobile data ( 3G / 4G ) which consumes more battery. Also, check Top 15 Best SMS App For Android 2019

Best Battery Saver App For Android 2019

Best Battery Saver App For Android

Some android phone’s battery does not even last for a day they have to charge their phone at least twice a day. So, how to get rid of this annoying battery problem in android? Have you to replace your phone’s battery or change the phone? The answer is NO, you don’t need to change the battery or phone. Just you need to manage your phone battery by installing the best battery saver  There are thousands of battery apps for android on the play store. So which one is best? So here we have made a complete list of the best battery saver apps for Android 2019 so that you can easily improve your Android’s battery life !! These apps generally stop or freeze the unwanted or the apps which you are not using the long time or the apps which drain more battery which helps you to increase battery life up to 25-30{28499e4baadbad975d161d0c5e8c197ed9f2013605893d06253bb7ba891d38d2} which is quite good.

#1 DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is one of best battery saver app for android all time. It is also known as a battery doctor. It is must have android apps for all users. More ever it is a free app which provides premium features. It has also a paid version. Using this battery saver app for android you can increase your battery life by up to 50{28499e4baadbad975d161d0c5e8c197ed9f2013605893d06253bb7ba891d38d2}. It has some special algorithms which control the CPU performance and manages the battery of the android device. It is one of the most highly rated Android apps and it is currently used by more than 100 million Android device users.

Features  : 

  • Gives Accurate Stats.
  • One Click Optimization.
  • Healthy Charge Stage Manager.
  • Easy To Use.

Download: DU Battery Saver

#2 Juice Defender – Best Battery Saver

The another best battery saver app for android is the “Juice Defender”. This app is developed by Late Droid and the app has currently over 7,000,000 Downloads !. It is one of the powerful and simply designed tools to increase the performance of battery life on the Android device. This also performs very well on the android tablet to save the battery. It manages the most battery draining activities like 3G/4G connectivity, WiFi, and multitasking. This app has three different versions basic version, Juice defender ultimate as well as Juice Defender plus to satisfy the need of users. If you like their free version then go for the premium version of Juice defender for battery saving!

Best Battery Saver App For Android

Features : 

  • Easy User Interface.
  • Battery Widgets.
  • Mobile Data Automation.
  • WiFi Toggle Automation with Auto-Disabling Option.
  • Smart Brightness control.

Download: Juice Defender

#3  Battery Doctor ( Battery Saver )

Another best battery saver app is the Battery Doctor which is free cost. It is developed by Cheetah Mobile and the app has 330+ million users on Android and iOS. This battery saving app can extend your battery life up to 50{28499e4baadbad975d161d0c5e8c197ed9f2013605893d06253bb7ba891d38d2} by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device.

Best Battery Saver App For Android

Best Battery Saver App For Android 2019

Features :

  • Disable unnecessary apps.
  • One Click Task Killer.
  • Automatically Kills apps When screen Is Off.
  • Accurate Battery And Charging Remaining Time.
  • Schedule Power Saving Modes.

Download: Battery Doctor

#4 Greenify

It is one of best battery saver app available on Play Store. It has a user rating of 4.5 out of 5. This app is best for rooted devices.  Its Auto-hibernation feature is one of best feature to save battery life. It automatically hibernates the apps which are not in current use. This app does not save only battery life but also save the memory of the device and cleans the RAM for optimum performance of the android device.

Download: Greenify

#5 Super Battery Saver

This app saves a lot of battery by turning on the device to a power saving mode. You can manually tap the application to turn on the saving mode to save the battery life. This app is developed by Pckmn Labs and the app has currently more than 5 million installations.

Features :

  • Task Killer.
  • Memory Booster.
  • Battery Saving Mode.
  • Manual Power Options.

Download: Super Battery Saver

So, above are the best battery saver app for android 2019 edition. I highly recommend you to use DU battery saver for non-rooted users and Greenify for the rooted android user to save battery. If you know some other best battery saver apps for android then comment it below !! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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