Top 8 Best Browser For Mac 2019

Today in this world of technology everyone is having access to personal computers or smartphones. But most of the people usually use their devices for surfing the internet. According to a study, there are more than 3 billion internet users worldwide. For many of us, the computer is of no use if it is not having an internet connection. Different people are having different choices when it comes to Operating System. There is basically 3 Operating System widely used:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh(Mac)
  • Linux

All these different OS are having different browsers for surfing the internet. Here in this post, we are focusing on the Mac operating system. The best browser for windows may not be the best browser for Mac.

Best Browser For Mac 2019

Best Browser For Mac

But fellas lets first see what a browser actually is.


A web browser (commonly known as a browser) is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources across the World Wide Web (www). The information resource is identified by a uniform resource locator(URL) and maybe a web page, image or other content.

Ahhh..!! I think things are getting too technical. Let me explain this you in simple words. A web browser is basically used for surfing the internet, downloading music, videos, pictures etc.

So, if you are a Mac user and are looking for the best browser for mac 2018 edition, then you are at right place. Now with your full concentration please read the post till the end then you can find the best browser for your Mac which will fulfil all your needs. If you are using an Android device then must check our Best Android Browser 2019 edition list.

#1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers that are available for Mac users and yeah its one of my favourite too. Reason for putting this browser into number one position is that having the best simple interface. It comes with many built-in features like plugins and add-ons that make it best browser for Mac.  We can surf the web, block pop-ups and protect our privacy using anti spy apps. Being open source it is available free.

Best Browser For Mac

Download Mozilla Firefox here.

#2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the best and most popular web browser. As the name suggests it is developed by Google and is a very powerful browser. It is having best-developing features. Like firefox chrome too is having extensions and plugins which make it one of the best browser. It is having the minimal interface and is very easy to use. Also, check Best Chrome Extensions 2019

Best Browser For Mac

Download Google Chrome here

#3. Opera

Opera browser is a browser known for its speed. It is a lightweight browser. Its latest versions are more user-friendly. It includes built-in tabbed browsing, a bookmark bar, add-ons and a download manager. Turbo mode is one of the main features of this browser, once enabled it compresses requested web pages by up to 80{28499e4baadbad975d161d0c5e8c197ed9f2013605893d06253bb7ba891d38d2} before sending to the user, thus making pages load faster and reduces data usage. The software of the opera is safe and secure.

Best Browser For Mac 2019

Download opera from here.

#4. Torch Browser

The torch is a Chromium-based web browser developed by torch media. It handles common tasks like displaying websites, sharing websites, downloading torrents etc. It is an all in one mac browser for multiple needs. With built-in features like media grabber, torch torrent, torch player, torch music it is an alternative to Google.

Best Browser For Mac

Best Browser For Mac 2019

Download Torch Browser here

#5. Apple Safari

Default browser of iOS comes pre-installed on every Mac device. It is having a stylish interface and is very fast. It is having features like speed-dial, easy sharing, iCloud integration. However, when used on non-apple products it’s some features not work efficiently. However, the clean design and powerful visuals are main facts that force the user to use this browser.

Best Browser For Mac

Download safari from here

#6. Maxthon

Mostly, users love this browser for its simple look. This browser enables easy sharing of the documents and files between different devices. Having features like: split screen, undo of tabs, RSS reader, custom skins, programmable mouse gestures, search toolbar with 8 different search engines this browser is also a good browser to try on Mac.

Best Browser For Mac 2019

Download Maxthon from here

#7. Flock Browser

Folck browser is the sibling of the Mozilla Firefox as it is based on the Firefox 3 technology. It mainly focuses on how we interact with networking sites media and blogs. It has a toolbar allowing us to quickly share pages and links on different networks.

Best Browser For Mac

Best Browser For Mac 2019

Download Flock browser here

#8. Omni Browser

Omni browser is that browser that allows visiting every website without any compatibility issue. It provides fast browsing by automatically rendering pages in the background. It creates thumbnails of visited sites and is also having powerful security features and attractive plug-ins.

Download Omni browser here.

So, guys, these were some of the best browser for mac 2019 edition. Which one among them are you going to install ??…or..which browser are you currently using?? Please let us know by adding your valuable comments. Did you liked the post.?? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section..!!!!

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