Best Calendar App For Android 2016
Best Calendar App For Android 2016

Best Calendar App For Android 2017 : In today’s tech world one cannot keep the calendar with them all time with him/her.So, It cannot be avoided to make use of the mobile phone’s calendar app to organize your day. But more than just reminding you of your friend’s birthday or a doctor’s appointment, there are some calendar apps available for Android users that offer a lot more.

Best Calendar App For Android 2017

Best Calendar App For Android 2016
Best Calendar App For Android 2017

Check out below handpicked collection of Best Calendar App For Android 2017 edition and you them on your device to make it cool !!

1. aCalender

aCalendar may be the best calendar app for android to use. Packed with different features, this app goes beyond saving important dates. First, the app provides a convenient way for you to check for appointments with its horizontal and vertical swipes in reviewing your timeline. Second, aCalendar’s view is customizable as monthly, weekly and daily views. You can also change the start of your week on your preferred day. Another feature that includes aCalendar in the list of the best calendar app for Android, is its good power management.

Best Calendar App For Android 2016

Features :-

  • Smooth navigation.
  • Birthdays with photos from your addressbook.
  • Fullscreen widgets for all 3 views plus floating 7 days.
  • Uses Android’s native calendar backend and synchronization.
  • No battery drain.
  • You can also share events.
  •  freeware with no ads.
aCalendar - Android Kalender

2. Business Calender

Its clean and crisp interface gives you the impression that this app was built to help you improve productivity.  One of the outstanding functions that make Business Calendar one of the best calendar app for Android is that you can search any events within the calendar, something not available in most of Android calendar apps.

Best Calendar App For Android 2016
Best Calendar App For Android 2017

Features :-

  • Quick Day View.
  • Smooth Scroll and Zoom.
  • Better graphical and textual presentation.
  • Month, agenda, day and event view.
  • Search function for events,birthdays.
  • Configurable widgets in different sizes for month, week, agenda and day view.
  • Easy switching between timeline bars and event titles in month view.

Business Calendar (Kalender)

3. Sunrise

It has an excellent design, works with Google Calendar, Exchange, and even iCloud.Even better is how it integrates with other services. For example, connect it to Facebook so your events automatically pop into your calendar. You also can plug it in to Todoist, Trello, Github, Evernote, and a growing list of other platforms. So if you add in a deadline in To do list it will be right there in your sunrise calendar.

Best Calendar App For Android 2016

4. DigiCal

It comes up with two version paid & freeware version. Aside from the usual daily, weekly and monthly view, you can also see your appointments by agenda that resembles your paper organizer. The view is displayed using a Holo Light or Holo Dark theme. What makes this app standout from the rest is its notification. Though an actionable notification is common among calendar apps, Digical adds a map and navigation feature making sure you that you arrive promptly on your next appointment and in the right location. Also, the app comes with four beautifully-designed widgets: a Grid widget that shows your entire month with text and is with customizable number of rows and columns.

Best Calendar App For Android 2016
Best Calendar App For Android 2017

Features :-

  • Integrated weather forecast in all calendar views and widget types.
  • 6 powerful calendar views.
  • 6 beautiful and easy customizable.
  • Built-in location search for quickly adding locations to your events.
  • Google Now support, notifying you when it’s time to leave by planning your route, checking traffic and calculating your travel time.
  • Improved notifications with shortcuts for snooze, map and navigation.
  • Event pop-up makes it easy to go through your individual events.

DigiCal Kalender
Developer: Digibites
Price: Free+

5. Cal

It allows you to choose what kind of picture you want in the background of the calendar, with art, fashion, landscape, and food among the choices. Cal is committed to this feature; you have to pick at least one to use the app.Checking your daily schedule with this app is pretty much exciting as it integrates new photo everyday in its interface that ranges from fashion, food, art, landscapes and more.Beside of this it has following features making it best app :-

Best Calendar App For Android 2016

Features :-

  • Real time sync : Sync all of your current calendars including Google Calendar and Exchange
  • Android widget with quickly review your day from the homescreen without having to open the app.
  • Voice entry and predictive text.
  • Socially smart : The app predicts who you want to meet and even suggests nearby meeting places.
  • Celebrate : It’s always someone’s birthday. Write on a friend’s Facebook wall, call, send them a message, or buy gifts through Amazon or
  • Navigation: Get to meetings and events faster with built-in Google Maps, Waze, and Uber.
  • Task tracker : Supercharge your calendar and handle tasks in the same place by connecting Cal to
  • Visually refreshing – Rich graphics in 9 specially curated photo themes add harmony to the everyday
  • Landscape and month view.

Cal: Kalender
Price: Free

I hope this post will help you in choosing Best Calendar App For Android 2017 edition.If you know some other apps then just drop them in comments section below ! Don’t forget to share these best calendar apps for android with your friends!!


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