Best Lockscreen For Android 2019

Android is a mobile OS (operating system) that is currently developed by Google which is based on the Linux kernel and is primarily designed for the smartphones. It uses many touch gestures as its user interface like swapping, tapping, pinching, reverse etc. Android is the most used operating system worldwide. Google has over 1 Billion active android users! Now the question arises that what makes Android a world famous operating system? Well here is the answer Android is a world famous operating system because it gives power to its users to customize their device according to their needs which include a launcher, themes, lock screen and much more. Surprised !! YES, you can customize the look of your Android with the help of applications that are available on Google play store !! Here in this post, we will tell you about how to customize your lock screen by telling you some of the best lock screens for android 2019.

But wait for guys… before going for best lockscreen let us give you a brief knowledge about lockscreen.

What is Android Lockscreen?

An android lock screen is a user interface which is used in Android. It provides an immediate access to the home screen of the device after the user performs a certain action to retrieve access: such as by entering pin, by designing a pattern, by swiping or by entering a password. In simple words, it is the first screen with which we come in contact after switching on the mobile phone.

Lockscreen on mobile often provides us with much more facility than simply unlocking the phone such as: notifications related to missed events and emails, provide shortcuts for easy accessibility of applications like camera,whatsapp etc. Though standard lock screens are functional enough there are some peeps who get bored from their stock lockscreen. Well you can end this boredom because we are providing a list of best android lockscreen Here is the list:

Best Lockscreen for Android 2019

#1. Always on AMOLED

Do you love the lock screen of Samsung’s flagship devices? If yes, you can also turn your device on always on screen to display things like the time, notifications, and reminder etc. You don’t need to turn the display on again and again which save a lot of time but at the same it consumes battery. So, we recommend you to use only on the devices with AMOLED or OLED displays.

#2. Hi Locker

Best Lockscreen For Android

Best Lockscreen For Android

Hi Locker is another good replacement for a traditional locker. This locker displays all the basic things like weather, notifications, calendar events, reminders, etc. This lock screen also supports the fingerprint. You can set auto wallpapers from flicker which changes automatically. It also gives you the option to hide sensitive notification from the lock screen. It has a smart feature will automatically give some greetings to make you feel funny and friendly when using such as good morning, good evening etc.

#3. CM Locker

CM Locker is one of the best lockscreen apps for android that is available on Google Play store. It is having a slide to unlock feature in it just like iOS. It is having many powerful features phone booster, power saver which can boost the phone up to 30. It provides pattern and pin lock from which user can choose anyone. Its notification remainder provides quick access to notifications and also provides privacy mode feature which can hide the content as we like. It comes with a handy toolbox feature which provides quick access to the flashlight, calculator and recent apps. Intruder selfie is an important feature of this lockscreen when this feature is on anyone who tries to unlock your phone enters the wrong password the front camera of device caught that intruder so that you can come to know who was trying to use your phone without your knowledge.

#4. C Locker

Best Android Lockscreen

C locker is a lockscreen that provides tons of features. It comes in two versions free and paid. In free version this provides basic features: we can have 5 types of default widgets on lockscreen, notification from IM’s will be directly on the lockscreen, missed call notification, SMS, Gmail notifications, security pin for shortcuts and unlock. We can block status bar, disable status bar alerts screen timeout customization and many more exciting features.

#5. Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo notification is the coolest lockscreen for android device. Its main features are instant notifications which show complete notification, not a summary. It comes with a minimal design and uses less battery, it allows us to control music without unlocking the device. It automatically groups the notification. Snooze option let us deals with the notification when we are ready for them. For locking screen, it provides pattern lock and also allows to personalize it.

#6. GO Locker

Best Lockscreen For Android 2019

This is the most stable and compatible lockscreen that is adapted to more than 8000 kinds of phones. It is having largest collection of themes than any other lockscreen. It provides a no of ways to unlock the phone quickly and also we can add apps on lockscreen according to our needs.

#7. Next Lock

Next Lock is the professional lockscreen designed and developed by Microsoft. This locker is designed in such a way to increase your productivity. It supports PIN and pattern and also supports fingerprint unlock. By using the inbuilt app launcher using which you can quickly access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, and flashlight controls, automatic weather updates, and calendar information.

#8. SlideLock

If you want simple and clean locker slide lock is for you. It is a simple locker having powerful notifications features it includes: swipe the screen right to unlock the device and swipe it left to access the camera. If you want to see the notification just double tap it or if you want to see it later swipe its right side. It uses both PIN and pattern locks as security. It is having customizable settings for each application Moreover best feature is that it uses less battery.

#9. Locker Master

Best Lockscreen For Android

It comes up with a number of lockscreen and very interesting unique unlocking methods. It is having a DIY editor that allow sits users to quickly create personalized and beautiful themes. It is having a wide selection of clock design and decorations, able to show inread SMS and missed calls. Moreover, it can support 2k+ high-resolution wallpapers and themes.

#10. PS Lock Screen

It is an intelligent lockscreen. It brings quick experience to get connected with notification. You can tap on the notification to read them fully. This app is designed to work with parallel or cloned apps. So, if you are using parallel space or any cloned apps then this locker is for you.

So, guys, these were some of the best lockscreen for android 2019 edition list. Did you like the post?? or you have any other lockscreen in your mind..?? Feel free to share in the comment section. Thanks for reading the post!!!!

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