Top 5 Best Navigation App For Android 2019

Nowadays everyone started having a smartphone, probably an android because android is the lot cheaper than any other os and also there are numerous applications for Android in the market to get the most out of the android. So today in this article we’ve summed up top 5 or we can say best navigation apps for android 2019 edition list. When we talk about navigation then the first app which strikes in our mind is google maps, yes google maps are one of the best apps for navigation all over the world, and it is the one which gets updates too, So here are the top 5 best GPS apps for Android or we can say that google maps alternatives. Also, have a look at Best Android Music Player 2019 if you love listening to music.

Best Navigation Apps For Android 2019

Best Navigation App For Android

#1. Waze

Waze is owned by Google which is top in our list, Few of the features of Waze are been baked into google maps, but still, it works perfectly without any issues. you can also share your location with friends, It is entirely free and does the job very well.

Features Of Waze Navigation App

  • It features live traffic which is a plus point of this app.
  • It also let you know if you’re speeding in a particular location where police are roaming.
  • It can also adjust routes based on your requirements and also helps you to find gas stations on your route.

#2. MapQuest

MapQuest was the little buggy when it was launched in the market, but later it got the pitch and made its place in our list, MapQuest is much smoother now and developers have added lot more features now, MapQuest offers turn by turn directions until you reach your destination.

Best Navigation App For Android 2019

Features Of MapQuest

  • Automatically adjust routes depending upon live traffic and some other factors.
  • Easy to use options and in a short span of time you will be totally familiar with this app.
  • You can also grab reports of traffic on your routes or any incidents etc.

#3. Here Maps

Here maps app is developed by Nokia, Here maps allow you to download you any location map and use it when you are offline, you can do all the things in offline that you would do while online. There is no limit of downloads, you can download any location map and as many as you want.

Best Navigation App For Android 2019

Features Of Here Maps

  • Runs smoothly probably on most of the android devices.
  • Features driving mode with easy to use interface.
  • You can also share your location with your friends or with anyone you want to share.
HERE WeGo - Routenplaner & GPS
HERE WeGo - Routenplaner & GPS

#4. Navmii Gps World

Navmii Gps world is formerly NavFree, This app integrates with google street view and foursquare, provides great looking maps in high resolution for more than 30 countries. Navmii Gps World provides a lot of information regarding routes and other navigation stuff. Also, check Best Offline Apps For Android 2019.

Features Of Navmii Gps World 

  • Also provides real-time traffic information reports, community map reports.
  • Provides neat interface and accurate routes for your destination.
  • Also comes with a basic inbuilt music player with great design.
Navmii GPS Welt (Navfree)
Navmii GPS Welt (Navfree)
Developer: Navmii
Price: Free+

#5. MapFactor Gps Navigation Maps

MapFactor Gps Navigation Maps is not the best navigation app, it doesn’t even deserve a spot on our list but thanks to its developer who later developed the app and numerous improvements, This app does the job pretty well with new roads and paths.

Features Of MapFactor Gps Navigation Maps

  • Mapfactor comes with a voice navigation system which is also available in different languages.
  • You can also switch between simplified map or detailed map anytime between the route.
  • You can also switch between 2d or 3d mode maps anytime without any issues.
MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps
MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps
Developer: MapFactor
Price: Free+
So, guys, this is all about the best navigation apps for android 2019 edition. I hope now you will be able to find the best navigation app for your device from the above-listed apps. If you know some other best app for navigation then do share in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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