Top 15 Best Roku Channels 2019 – Movies,Music,News,Sports & Kids

Roku is a streaming media player that is it takes the content from internet and displays that on our TV’s. Roku can be connected to any television set that is having all the appropriate input connectors. Roku supports more than 2000 channels. The other features that make Roku so popular are: it is having full 1080p HD support, shortcut buttons for the popular channels, it is having a mobile app with which we can cast personal media to TV, the app can be used via internet from anywhere. Roku channels are both public and private, Public channels are free which we can browse in Roku’s library but for private channels, we have to pay. Private channels also don’t show up in Roku’s standard list we have to manually download them. Here in this post, we have compiled some of the best Roku channels 2019.

Best Roku Channels 2019

Best Roku Channels 2019

#1 Netflix

Whenever we talk about the best Roku channels Netflix’s name comes to everyone’s mind. It is one of the best channels for movies and TV lovers. The user has to pay $7.99 per month approx for Netflix. This channel adds a new movie and TV shows every month. With this, you can watch your favourite shows whenever you want them. Netflix releases entire episodes of a season at once so no more waiting.

#2 Livestream

If you always want live content from your Roku then this channel is for you. Livestream provides one with the latest live events that happen around. Events are of music, entertainment, sports, education, celebrities, spirituality and much more.  Users can search over 75k new events that are streamed. You can also watch replays of the events after they have ended. And most importantly it is free.

#3 Hulu

Hulu gives its users an unlimited streaming of the different latest episodes and full seasons of the hottest TV shows. It is having a huge library of the TV shows. Hulu also allows its users to watch its own original serials. The plans start at $7.99 per month.

#4 Amazon Video

Amazon video includes thousand’s of movies and TV episodes that are available on Prime video. This facility is available at no additional charge to prime users. Prime members can instantly stream thousands of channels and many awesome Amazon original series.

Best Roku Channels 2019

#5 Plex

If you are that person who always downloads movies any want to play those movies on your Roku then Plex is for you. Plex allows users to play those movies that you have downloaded. The user can load all their movies into the app and stream them on their TV.

#6 Pandora

This is a great channel for music lovers. Pandora is free and allows its users to listen to music. Users can listen to the songs by genre. It doesn’t give you a complete control over the music.

#7 iHeart Radio

If you are a radio lover and wants a radio station hosted by real human beings then you should try iHeartradio. iHeartRadio’s account can directly be linked to its Roku app and it will load all the favourite stations after login. In this one can browse approx 1500 live stations based on state or genre.

Best Roku Channels

Best Roku Channels

#8 WatchESPN

If you are a sports lover and want to watch your favourite game on Roku then this app is for you. You’ll need a cable or satellite subscription to watch it. Users can stream recorded football, tennis, basketball, baseball and many more games.

#9 CNNgo

CNNgo is a news channel and best for those who want to listen to happenings around the world. Users can watch HD news on your Roku device. Users can also browse and play the short clips that are in their featured collections. Users can also watch news based on the categories like sports, politics, entertainment, tech and much more.


PBS KIDS is one of the best channels for your kids. It is having more than 1k videos and many television series. It provides curriculum-based entertainment which is having a positive impact on children. It helps students in increasing their knowledge, improve their thinking and imagination.

Other Best Roku Channels are Plex, Vudu, Sling, Youtube, HBO GO.

So, friends, these were some of the best Roku channels 2019 that you can enjoy on Roku. Subscribe to them and enhance your experience with Roku. If you think that we accidentally missed any one of your favourite channels then do mention that in comments below. Thanks for reading this post. Do share it with your friends.

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