Best HD Games For Android
Best HD Games For Android

Best RPG Games For Android 2017 Edition :  Now a days Android is one the the most used OS in smartphones. The main reason behind this is that we can have a large number of applications that are available for free on playstore. Games are a subcategory of these widely range of applications. There are different types of games that are available on android in playstore eg  action, adventure, arcade, brain games, rpg, racing etc.  Here in this post we will tell you about best rpg games for android 2017 edition.

But first see what are rpg games. RPG( Role playing games) is a game in which a player assume a role of characters. Players takes responsibility for acting out these roles within game. These actions taken results in winning or failing in the game.

Best RPG Games For Android 2017

Best HD Games For Android 2016

#1. S.O.L : Stone Of Life Ex

Price : Free

It is very good rpg game with over 3 million downloads.The stone of life is known to have ancient spirit’s powers. It is having many powers. War is taking place due to the stone Ingnis the defender of stone wants to keep it hidden while Necrosis wants to take control of all the power. Players acts as Ingnis and they prevent the war to take place.  This game is having countless dungeons, stylish actions, infinite weapons and armors.

S.O.L : Stone of Life EX
Developer: Oddy Arts
Price: Free+

#2. Star Wars : KOTOR

Price: Paid

In this game the player players plays the role of jedi knights who have fallen in battle with suthless Siths. Players have to master awesome powers of force in order to save the Republic. This game is having unique charcters , creatures, vehicles, planets. With 8 enormous world it is a must have game.

Star Wars™: KOTOR
Price: 32,99 R$

#3. Dungen Hunter 5

Price : Free

This game returns with the roar of a dragon. After stopping the demon invasion from kingdom of valenthia the world remains shattered with crumbling .Only the warriors od Bounty Hunter can keep peace now. Here players acts as one of the leader of Bounty Hunters who has to send the monsters back to the darkness by mastering five elements. This game is having single player campaign and multiplayer modes. Enriched with superior graphics this game is must have.

Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG

#4. The Bard’s Tale

Price : Paid

In this game players acts as  bard who is a selfish rogue weary of rat-infested sellers. . Through the magical songs platers summon characters to join them in the battle. This game is having 50 enemy types. Over a dozen special bosses to defeat and 16 magical characters to summon that will aid the players. There are two packages available standard definition and high definition players can choose one of them according to their need and space available in their devices. HD package occupies 3GB of space.

The Bard's Tale
Price: 9,49 R$+

#5. Marvel Future Fight

Price : Free

In this game players can unite all the superheros from all the corners of Marvel universe for the future fight. In Director of S.H.E.I.L.D. has sent a call from future that multiple dimensions are collapsing together i.e they are fighting and its player’s responsibility to save the humanity. Players have to gather the mighiest superheros and super villians to save the universe at all cost.

MARVEL Future Fight
Developer: Netmarble Games
Price: Free+

#6. Final Fantasy VI

Price: Paid

It is second highest selling RPG franchise all around the world after Pokemon. This game is sixth installment to final fantasy series. This game is having 14 playable characters but their classes are are unchangeable. With plenty of abilities available and madicite system for controlling spells players can develop their own characters the way they want. This game is also having the Ultima weapon, which is the most powerful sword of all.

Price: 49,99 R$

#7. Kritika : The White Knights

Price : Free

It is a hack and smash game developed by Gamevil . In this game players can play through hundereds of levels featuring various environment,bosses. Players can choose one character and have to defeat their enemies by using fast paced action. It is having four survival modes and players can also play PVP battles.

Kritika: Die weißen Ritter
Developer: GAMEVIL
Price: Free+

# 8 Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

Price : Paid

In this game player’s character is forced to leave his homes under mysterious circumstances and he finds himself drawn into a conflict that has the sword coast on the brink of river.This game is an advancement of previous Baldur’s games. Over 400 feature additions are available in this Enhanced edition.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition
Developer: Beamdog
Price: 28,99 R$+

#9 Vice City ( Gangster RPG )

Price : Free

In this players can choose what they want to become, a mafia god father, a new scarface, a world tycoon or anything else. It is an online multiplayer mafia strategy game. Players can build a world class building empire. They can hit the gym, conquer urban underworld and can become an ultimate criminal.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

# 10 Dragon Quest VI

Price : Paid

In this game a young lad(HERO) was prophesied by the mountain spirit that only he can save the world from darkness. Players can join forces with their friends and can use their help. They can specialise in any of the sixteen present vocations. Viewpoints of villages and towns can be rotated in 360 degrees. Players can automate the attacks if they want.

Dragon Quest VI
Price: 41,99 R$

So friends these were some of the Best RPG Games For Android 2017 edition. Hope you like this post. If you know any other interesting RPG game for android or you are facing any problem please let us know in comment section. Share this post with your friends !!!!



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