Top 5 Best Video Editing App For Android 2021

Best Video Editing App For Android 2021 : Nowadays Most of the smartphones come with high-resolution video recording features such as 720p or 1080p,now we don’t need to carry a bulky camcorder to capture moments of our life and save them,But to make a good video, a high-end recording device isn’t enough!we need to edit those videos to make them more beautiful.So for that task you need a video editing app which can do all the editing works with ease,but editing videos on the Android device can be a bit difficult but not anymore! So today in our article I will be sharing some of the best video editing app for android edition which are available in the market with great features and easy to use

Best Video Editing App For Android 2021

Best Video Editing App For Android

Best Video Editing App For Android 2021

#1. AndroVoid

AndroVoid is more than video editing app,it does all the editing works pretty well without decreasing the quality of the video.The only thing which annoys me is ads but that’s not a big deal here,you can go ahead and purchase the pro version for just 2$ and get rid of ads.

Best Video Editing App For Android 2016

Best Video Editing App For Android 2021

Features Of AndroVoid :

  • Very Easy to trim videos without compromising the quality of the video.
  • Can grab single frames from videos with good resolution.
  • You need advanced skills to use this app,it’s very easy to use and does most of the editing works without any issues.

#2. KineMaster

KineMaster is a traditional video editing app which is very smooth in terms of performance and doesn’t leave any reasons for disappointment.If you are a professional editor then I recommend you to go for pro version,Kinemaster gives you a multitracked timeline with drag and drop feature.One thing I love about this app is that you can adjust the elements of the videos and audio without any hassle

Best Video Editing App For Android

Features Of KineMaster :

  • Attractive design to drag and drop videos,audio clips etc.
  • You can do editing in landscape mode which I think more convenient and easy edit.
  • Themes which it offers is good in looks but you can also customize it to make it more convenient

#3. VideoMaker 

VideoMaker is actually on old app of google’s movie studio app and the interface of videomaker is same as google’s movie studio app,Once you upload any clips to edit them,a timeline will be provided as well as you can see a plus button on the app which allows you to import videos or audio’s directly in the timeline without any lags or crash.Well features in free version are limited,so I recommend you to go paid version to explore more

Best Video Editing App For Android

Best Video Editing App For Android 2021

Features Of VideoMaker :

  • Be it an image or a video, you can make adjust the elements with just one tap.
  • Simple and easy to use functions with basic editing features.
  • You can experience a clean and smooth interface in pro version

Developer: Multimedia Apps
Price: Free

#4. WeVideo

You need to sign/sign up via google+ or facebook in order to access the app features,but that’s not a big below I mentioned some of the great features of this app

Best Video Editing App For Android

Features Of WeVideo : 

  • You can edit videos in the cloud so that you don’t stress your phone’s hardware.
  • Easy to navigate for basic video editors who don’t have much knowledge in editing.

Developer: WeVideo Inc.
Price: Free+

#5. Magisto

If you are someone who wants to be a professional editor just for name sake,then this app is for you folks,Magisto looks so attractive and professional while editing!And I am sure that you won’t be disappointed with it

Best Video Editing App For Android

Best Video Editing App For Android 2021

Features Of Magisto :

  • Magisto can turn any video,photos into something awesome which you will love definitely.
  • You can also insert visuals and make your video more gorgeous.

So, guys, these were some apps from the Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2021 edition list. I hope now you can easily choose video editor for your android device and enjoy editing videos. If you know some other best video players then just comment them below. Feel free to share this post with your friends !

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