Top 5 Best Video Players 2019 – For Mac & Windows

By reading the title of this article, I’m sure that you’ve got the point of this article, yes you heard it right! So today in this article I am going to discuss and share some of the best video players for mac and windows which are available in the market out there, In this article, I will be discussing the features of these apps, So without wasting any time further, Let’s dive into the topic! Internet is full of options,I’ve known that it’s hard to pick a right one which is capable of playing any format of videos or movies,probably you might be looking for something which has fewer ads, a player which supports all types of formats, a player with strong coding etc, If you are looking for something which I above-mentioned than you are at right place, So here I made a list of Best Video players 2019. Also, check our list of Best Video Editing Software 2019.

Best Video Players 2019 – For Mac & Windows

Best Video Players 2019

#1. VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the best video players which is easy to operate and with user friendly options,so you don’t need to be techie to use this player to its full potential,Vlc Media Player is an open-source platform for Mac,It can also play Dvd, VCD, Cd and you don’t need any code packs to run it,All I can say is that it is one the best player available in the market which is totally free.

Best Video Players

Features Of Vlc Media Player

  • Vlc Media Player is not only limited to mac, but it is also available to another OS also like Windows, Linux, Android etc.
  • You can also play VCD, CD, DVD and many other streaming protocols.
  • Integrate with web channel streaming services.

#2. 5k Player

The 5k player is an also a free video player which you can easily get just by typing the name of it on google,5k Player is a basic video player for Mac OS X, It is a mixture of Mkv, Hd Video Player, Music Player, Airplay Media Streamer. With this player you can also download online videos which are plus point of this player,It supports all the resolution videos like 4k,5k etc.

  Features Of 5k Player

  • 3d Experience with this player is simply amazing and wonderful, you won’t be disappointed with the 3d experience with this player hopefully.
  • You can also play ultra Hd videos on iMac, MacBook Pro etc.
  • You can also play homemade and commercial Dvd on this player.

#3. Kodi

Kodi was originally developed to be an all-in-one media player for viewing pictures, playing music, watching videos. Kodi supports all common formats both music as well as video like Mp3, Flac, Wave, Mkv, Avi etc. Also, check Best Kodi Addons 2019.

Best Video Players 2019

Features Of Kodi :

  • Works On Mac Os, Windows, Linux.
  • Supports Add-Ons, User can download custom skins, sounds, fonts etc.

#4. MPlayerX

One of the main reason which I love in MplayerX is that it is very easy to use and can play almost all type of formats without issues that too in good quality, MplayerX is specially designed for Mac users, It supports all Apple remotes and also you can change the size of subtitles in this player. And above that MplayerX has almost all codecs in it, So I think it’s worth giving a try.

Best Video Players

Features Of MplayerX :

  • Capable of playing almost any type of video or audio.
  • Very easy to use and user-friendly options.
  • MplayerX is a very lightweight on resources.

#5. Plex

Plex is also the best video player for Mac which supports all the common formats of videos. You can add your folders which contain media and you can stream them to any device Plex.

Features Of Plex :

  • Works on all popular operating systems like Mac, Windows.
  • You can sync your content from Plex media server to any cloud storage which plex supports.

That’s all for today about Best Video Players 2019, I hope you liked this article and thanks for giving your precious time for reading our article.

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