Top 10 Best VPN Service 2019 For PC – Mac & Windows

If you are very much concerned about your online privacy then should immediately start using a VPN which will make your browsing data private from the eyes of government officials or ISPs. Vpn is also helpful to access the sites which are blocked in a particular country or place. There are many VPN service providers out there to choose from, and every service provider commits that they are the best. Some VPN services are free, and some are paid but what matters is which one really works to make your browsing data private. So today in this article We’ve put up the Best VPN Service 2019 for Windows and Mac. Also, check out Best Vpn For iPhone 2019 & Best VPN For Android 2019.

Best VPN Service 2019

Best VPN Service

#1. CyberGhost 5

One of the best and top VPN tool as of now, millions of people around the world are using CyberGhost 5. The best thing about CyberGhost is that it doesn’t track your activity which most of the providers do. Cyberghost 5 is available for both windows and mac. Download CyberGhost 5 from here

Best VPN Service

#2. Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is very much modern and very user-friendly interface. It is a UK based company and has a massive list of servers all over the world. Hide My Ass is a paid tool which costs you around 12 dollars per month and it is available for both windows and mac.

#3. Express Vpn

Little costly but works like a charm. Protects you from the eyes of ISPs and hackers from getting your data. Express VPN provides 24/7 customer support for its user and costs you 13 dollars per month, but that’s fine because you are getting a VPN which makes you full anonymous in the world of internet.

Best VPN Service 2019

#4. Zenmate

Zenmate comes very handily to change your IP address in no time. Zenmate is also known for its simplicity and easy to use the feature. Zenmate tools are also available for desktop, androids, IOS devices, etc. Zenmate is paid tool which is available for windows and mac as well. You’ll also get a free trial when you sign up to test Zenmate.

Best VPN Service 2019

Best VPN Service 2019

#5. HotSpot Shield

HotSpot Shield is a promising VPN tool which hides your activity from ISP’s or anyone who tries to spy on you. There is also a free version of HotSpot Shield and is available for windows and mac. However, you will see ads in the free version, and they come too often which is quite annoying.

#6. Total VPN

Total VPN offers a lot of features when compared to other VPN service providers, as the name says it provides total security for your activity and makes you completely anonymous. The servers of total VPN as based in more 200 locations all over the world. The free version will have many limitations, but the paid version is good as it costs only 5 dollars per month. Try Total VPN from here.

Best VPN Service 2019

#7. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is the most friendly VPN tool in the market. I like the design and smoothness of this tool. Tunnel Bear promises to make your data highly encrypted, and it does the job pretty well. The free version will have a data limit, upgrading the plan will remove the restrictions immediately.

Best VPN Service 2019

#8. VPN Book

VPN book is another trusted VPN for both windows and mac. Well, the only thing I bother about VPN book is the speed. The speeds from locations like UK and US are good enough most of the times. Sometimes speed might slow down but other than that it’s a great VPN which makes your activity completely private. Check out VPN book.

Best VPN Service 2019

Best VPN Service 2019

#9. Nord Vpn

Nord VPN is a powerful and easy tool to secure your online browsing activity from hackers. Nord VPN supports both Windows and Mac; you can choose the encryption method such as PPTP, IPSEC, L2TP, etc.

#10. Ip Vanish

Ip Vanish is mainly used for downloading torrents. It uses high encryption methods to make your browsing activity private. A simple and user-friendly VPN, servers are based in many countries all over the world and gives the maximum speed. Try IP vanish.

So, these were the Top 10 Best VPN Service 2019 edition for Windows and Mac. I hope now you can secure your valuable data with these best VPN of 2019. If you know some other best VPN service then just comment it below we’ll add them to the above list. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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