Hexlock Review
Hexlock Review

Today most of the people use mobile devices to store data and other important stuff. On mobile devices, there may be important messages and media which you don’t want to share with your friends,relative or with family members. A business person uses apps which keep their business related information which is important to protect from other people and must be kept secret. There might be question striking in your mind that how to protect the important data from unauthorized users. So, if you want to protect your data like images, emails, files, notes, messages, logs, contacts from unauthorized users then you can easily do so just by installing the app locker for android. The app locker protects the data and apps by locking them and give access to only authorized users. Using app lockers you can lock your apps in a number of ways like you can user PIN lock, pattern lock, fingerprint lock and password etc. There are tons of app lock apps available on play store which protects your data and apps. But, here we are sharing with you the best app lock for android that is “Hexlock“. So, read our below review to know why it is one of best app lock for android devices.

Hexlock Review : The Best App Locker For Android ?

Hexlock Review
Hexlock Review

Hexlock is a free app locker application for android devices by liquidum which provides various features to protect your apps from unauthorized access. More than one million people use this app locker and it has a play store rating of 4.3 out of 5  which is quite good. So, check out our detailed hexlock review that you should use this app or not ?

User Interface Of Hexlock

Hexlock app has a cool interface which is very user-friendly. The user interface of the app is very attractive, fast and responsive as well. Its interface is made with a new material design which makes it look cool. The interface of the app is not packed with some unusual transactions or animations which are quite good and makes it possible to run on devices with low memory.

Key Features

Below are the some notable features of Hexlock app which makes it stand on the list of best app locker for android.

  • Automatically App Locking

Hexlock app provides the feature of locking apps automatically to provide more security. The locker locks the apps automatically when you are connected to wifi on which you had enabled auto locking app feature.

  • Auto-Switching Profiles

Another awesome feature provided by Hexlock app is auto switching profiles. You ca create different profiles like Work, Home, Parental, School etc under which you can set different profiles to lock and unlock according to your need. With the auto switching profile feature the locker will be automatically switched to the different profile when you will connect to selected wifi. If you are disconnected to selected wifi the profile will be revert back to the previous one automatically which is pretty cool.


  • Fingerprint Lock

Now in most of the new devices comes with fingerprint lock system which provides more security. The Hexlock also supports fingerprint locking for apps which means that you can easily lock your important apps with your fingerprint lock. But Unfortunately, this fingerprint locking feature is available for only Samsung devices ! support more devices will be available soon in the new updates.

Hexlock 1

  • Customization

unlike other app lockers the Hexlock provides customization feature with which you can customize the lock screen and background easily. Hexlock allows you to add a custom photo on the lock screen and you can also use some solid colors.

  • Media Vault

Using media vault feature you can easily hide you images, videos and other important files. You don’t need to install other apps to do this job.


Hexlock is available for free on play store. In the free version, there are in-app ads but if you want to remove them you have to pay 0.15$ only.



Hexlock is one of best app locker for android because of its cool features like attractive user interface, auto switching profiles, automatically locking apps and customization etc. So guys, what are waiting for just go and install this best app locker on your android device. Don’t forget to share your view in the comment section below and also do share this cool app with your friends.


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