Best VPN For Android
Best VPN For Android

In this tech era 8 out of 10 people uses the internet for shopping and buying other stuff from the internet. Also, people share their valuable data over the internet with one another. But, as you know the data or transaction on the internet is not always safe. So, will you do transaction and transfer of data without any security ? Of course NO ! According to a survey more than 70%of android users do online transactions from their devices. Android devices are not secure due to a number of freeware apps are included with malware or spyware. So, you might be thinking how you can secure you valuable data or transaction on android ? Well, here is solution to this problem you can simply use the one of best VPN for android !!

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Using VPN you can securely access the internet and protect your data and transactions. There are many other advantages of using the VPN on android devices like open blocked sites on android which is really cool !. Mostly in schools and colleges, many sites are blocked by their firewall so, you can simply access those blocked websites using the VPN. You can surf anonymously on android using VPNs. You don’t need any use proxy again and again on android to access blocked sites on android.

Rocket VPN Review : The Best VPN For Android ?

Rocket VPN Review
Rocket VPN Review

There are tons of VPN apps available for android. But, which one is best and provides all features to protect your security ?. So, here we are reviewing the one of best VPN app for android which is Rocket VPN !!

Rocket VPN is one of best VPN app available for android on play store to protect,encrypt and secure you data over the internet. Rocket VPN is the product of Liquidum private limited. The app is available for free on play store. It offers in-app purchases to add more features !! Rocket VPN has more than 1 million installs and the rating on play store is 4.2 which makes it best VPN app.

Feature Of Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN is best VPN app for android because of its following features which other VPN apps does not provide.

Access Blocked Content :

Rocket VPN allows you to access the content which not available in your country. For example with this VPN you can access geographically restricted youtube videos and also can download country restricted apps from play store !

Security :

Rocket VPN provides top class security by anonymizing your connection and prevents third parties from tracking your identity and location.

Unblock blocked Websites :

Using Rocket VPN you can easily access the blocked websites. You don’t need to apply proxies to again and again to visit blocked websites. It also provides Rocket Browser using which you can surf anonymously and can visit blocked sites. It is one of best way to unblock youtube and facebook.

Different Servers : 

Rocket VPN allows you to choose different servers without restarting the app. You can easily change the server location just with one tap.

No Connection Sharing :

Rocket VPN do not share your connection with other users like Hola VPN app does. So, it provides top class security !

Setup & Usage

  1. First of all, you need to download Rocket VPN app from play store and install it on your device.


2. Now after installing the app you will get 500 MB of free bandwidth. If you want unlimited data and advertisement free interface then you can simply upgrade your plan by paying.

3. After opening the app now you have to select your desired location. To do so simply tap on “Change Location” from the from drop down menu.

change location rocket vpn

Note : You can change the server location at any time.

4. After selecting the location just tap on connect button to start the VPN. After successful connection, you will see a rocket icon in your status bar.

Rocket VPN Android SC_1


With so many many features Rocket VPN’s premium service is also very affordable. In the first time installation of the app, you will get 500 MB free data. Later on, you can but their premium services. Rocket VPN premium service with unlimited data costs only $2.99 USD/month and $29.99 USD/year which is quite cool.


Rocket VPN is best VPN app available for android which provides all features that provide top level security at minimum cost. So, what are you waiting for ? install now this best VPN app for android available on play store. Don’t forget to share this cool app with your friends !!


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